Construction industry implements safety measure to all sites to reopen – Crain’s New York Business

The past 100 days have been unlike any other in our lifetime. There were months shrouded in uncertainty, weeks filled with pain, and days when a return to normal seemed all but impossible. 

While many challenges lie ahead, I am hopeful that we have turned a corner. For the construction industry, that hope lies in the men and women who went back to building sites last week ready to put New York back to work.

After the peak of the pandemic was reached, conversation in many circles turned to what appeared to be dueling priorities: public health or economic health. For the union building trades, union contractors and the real estate community, it was never an issue of this or that.

It was always a matter of how do we accomplish both.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we worked collaboratively to achieve that outcome. We worked closely with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration to establish protocols that go above and beyond to protect the health and safety of workers.

These measures were swiftly implemented to protect the essential construction workers who put everything on the line to help New York City through the pandemic. Workers were building affordable housing, retrofitting existing buildings to support the health care needs of the city, and making sure that critical infrastructure was maintained and built.

Now the safety protocols that kept essential workers safe have been advanced and formalized into a critical agreement that allows for the remobilization